A comparison of the gaming consoles ps3 and xbox 360

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PS3 & Xbox 360 Q1 Games Comparison

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Which gaming console is better PS3 or Xbox 360?

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Bulletstorm Demo Graphics Comparison: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

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PS4 vs. Xbox One Console Size Comparison

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Wii sports surprisingly fun Best Fear:. Deciding between the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox can be a daunting task. While all three systems are vastly superior to the last generation of video game consoles, they are also far more different from each other than ever before.

It’s been two years since the Xbox One and PS4 debuted here in the U.S.

Consoles Wars: PS4 and XBOX One vs PC

In that time, they’ve both earned their keep as the bearer of current-generation game consoles. Oct 08,  · Xbox is good for games as is Ps3 but it has the Xbox live feature allowing you to go online and play with up to 16 other players around the world so if your a fan of that then go with the Xbox Status: Resolved.

The ultimate PS3 - XBOX 360 comparison thread!

Dec 25,  · Gaming Console Price List / PS3 / Xbox Naturally when you compare your list with the price list of Chelsey its cheaper to buy a computer (Intel Pentium G, would never recommend this to anyone) for gaming.

They rip off people in broad daylight. I know i'm going to get hit by - Karma for this one but its always better to make a point.

First, an Ode to the Greatest Generation of Them All. In my opinion, the seventh generation of consoles—featuring the Wii, Xboxand PS3—was the best designed in history.

Both the consoles also have their own motion gaming platforms now (the Move for the PS3 and the Kinect for the Xbox ), and in this area the PS3 trumps the Xbox as well. Even though the Kinect possesses groundbreaking technology, the level of games .

A comparison of the gaming consoles ps3 and xbox 360
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