After the bomb essay eng ext 1

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Question 4 Elective 1: After the Bomb Written Paper Question 4 - HSC Compose a piece of imaginative writing using the setting from a prescribed text and incorporating the terms 'a wish', 'a message' and 'solitude'.

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Half Yearly Assessment on HSC English Extension 1 in verbatim. Elective chosen by school was 'After the Bomb'. Stimulus was picture of a sign saying 'THE END IS AT HAND' amidst a crowd of people. Stimulus can be given for reference if requested.

Mark: 22/25Feedback:Some good moments. Extensive notes for on the After the Bomb concept including techniques and analysis for Godot, Spy, Plath’s Poetry & related text America.

Also includes mind maps for possible related texts, essay plans, practice essays, speech tasks and creative writing samples.

After the bomb essay eng ext 1
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