An analysis of the rattler passage characters

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A Passage to India Analysis of Major Characters

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Character Analysis of Adela Quested from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Analysis of Major Characters. A Passage to India Major Characters. Dr. Aziz. In A Passage To India, Aziz seems to a mess of contradictions and extremes, embodiment of the concept of Forster’s “root” in India.


Aziz is impetuous and fickle, changing views and concerns quickly and without warning, from one moment to another. “The Rattler” is a seemingly honest passage. It details the relationship between man and nature.

The author applied excellent detail, diction, point of view, and syntax to articulate emotions of hostility between the two individuals.

An analysis of the rattler passage characters
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Analysis of Rattler Poem | Jacqueline Rhine