An inaugural essay on the influence of music in the cure of diseases

An inaugural essay on the influence of music in the cure of diseases

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An inaugural essay on the influence of music in the cure of diseases.

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AMTA actively fosters the advancement of education, training, professional standards, credentials, and research in support of the music therapy profession.

Predecessors to the American Music Therapy Association include the National Association for Music Therapy (founded in ) and the American Association for Music Therapy (founded in ).

A popular treatise on the teeth: embracing a description of their structure, the diseases to which they are subject, and their treatment, both for the prevention and cure of those diseases; together with an account of the usual methods of inserting artificial teeth.

Edwin Atlee, medical student writes dissertation entitled An Inaugural Essay on the Influence of Music in the Cure of Diseases (Univ. of Pennsylvania) What happened in

An inaugural essay on the influence of music in the cure of diseases
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