An introduction to the history of the reformation in europe

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History of Western civilization

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The Protestant Reformation

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General Characteristics of the Renaissance "Renaissance" literally means "rebirth." It refers especially to the rebirth of learning that began in Italy in the fourteenth century, spread to the north, including England, by the sixteenth century, and ended in the north in the mid-seventeenth century (earlier in Italy).

Martin Luther. The Counter Reformation. Calvinism: THE REFORMATION. Europe's Search For Stability. One of the greatest of all revolutions was the 16th-century religious revolt known as the Reformation. Western civilization traces its roots back to Europe and the is linked to the Roman Empire and with Medieval Western Christendom which emerged from the Middle Ages to experience such transformative episodes as the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, scientific revolution, and.

Introduction: what was the Renaissance?

The Reformation was a 16th-century religious and political challenge to papal authority in Catholic Europe. Read more about Martin Luther, the Thirty Years War and the Counter-Reformation.

An introduction to the history of the reformation in europe
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Story of the Church - Reformation Introduction