Should english be the national language

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Debate: English as US official language

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Should English be the national language of India ?

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Should English be the national language of India ?

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Why English should be the official language of the United States

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Why English should be the official language of the United States

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The ACLU, which is part of a group opposed to establishing a national official language, has published a paper detailing reasons that such a move should be opposed.

It starts by mentioning an effort by John Adams, into establish an official academy devoted to English, a move which was rejected at the time as undemocratic. Apr 15,  · English should be made into the National Language, What if we allow the Latinos to have their way and have Spanish thrown into our faces; then those with French roots.

or those with roots in foreign nations, can also have the right to demand for French, Chinese, Russian, Danish, Indonesian, Middle Eastern languages be the serving language by `corporations' customer service areas, Status: Resolved. May 19,  · It does not go as far as proposals to designate English the nation's official language, which would require all government publications and business to be in English.

Dec 31,  · If we are going to be a united people, people who understand each other and can work together with people from anywhere in the country, we will have to have an official national language. National Security; Regulation.

Defense; Make English our official language. found that 88 percent of respondents believe that English should be declared the official language of the United.

Should English be the official language of the United States? Should english be the national language
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Should English be the official language of the United States?