Supermodels american society and the media essay

The Gap tells women that they can be as important as these supermodels.

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Women's Body Image and BMI

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Body & Beauty Standards

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It's Amazing How Much The 'Perfect Body' Has Changed In 100 Years

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Supermodels, American Society, and The Media Essay - In the media supermodels seem to have a high influence on what a beautiful person should look like. Pretty females need to be thin, blonde, and have large breasts, and handsome males should look like marathon runners or stacked due to an obsession with weightlifting and steroids.

I feel as though people still go along with these processes and procedures because the media in our society forces it upon us.

Media tells us that in order to look like a celebrity, surgery and Botox is the answer, when in reality, it’s not. But how can a brand advocate such a message when it only uses models that abide by society’s stereotypical depictions of beauty.

The average American woman is 5'4" tall, and weighs lbs. In comparison to the company’s models whose average height is .

Supermodels american society and the media essay
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Depleting Body Image: