The future status of english as

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Brexit and Language: What future for English and for the Minority Languages of the UK?

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The Importance of the English Language in Today's World

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Load studies have found that higher rates are higher for foreign-born found with U. FUTURE OF TEACHING PROFESSION 3 FOREWORD “Teaching is a profession that lies at the heart of both the learning of children and young people and their social, cultural and economic development. It is crucial to transmitting and implanting social values, such as democracy equality.

the rise of English should be understood as a powerful economic tool for development and commerce, or as a dangerous mechanism rein- forcing (and creating new) inequalities based on English-proficiency. The Future Status of English as a Global Language─Now is No Forever!

As an English major and a bilingual person, it’s hard to jump out of the box and deny the deep, great, far-reaching influence and outspread of English. For Crystal, English owes its status as an international language to computer genius Bill Gates, arguing that a major condition for a language to become international is.

The health of a population is influenced by both its social and its economic circumstances and the health care services it receives. As discussed in other chapters of this report, on average the socioeconomic status of Hispanics in the United States is considerably lower than that of non-Hispanic whites.

5 days ago · The future of English as a global lingua franca.


will likely strengthen the position of English as Europe’s lingua franca and at the same time de-stabilize the status of standard English.

The future status of english as
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Condition of English in Bangladesh: Second Language or Foreign Language