The history of baton rouge

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East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

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The Kleinpeter and Concluding families were among the most important of the early German families in the fundamental. OUR MISSION Spay Baton Rouge strives to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted cats and dogs in East Baton Rouge Parish by providing qualified owners and caretakers with affordable spay and neuter services for the cats and dogs in their care.

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Discover the hidden treasures of the Capitol City while immersing yourself in its rich history. Baton Rouge houses a number of interactive museums, with the Old Governor’s Mansion, Capitol Park Museum and the Louisiana Art and Science Museum—just to name a few. Baton Rouge: History French Settlers Found City The second largest city in Louisiana, Baton Rouge was established as a military post by the French in The present name of the city, however, dates back towhen French explorers noted a red cypress tree stripped of its bark that marked the boundary between Houma and Bayou Goula tribal.

Baton Rouge: History

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The history of baton rouge
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