The important of english in hong

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Appalling English standards in Hong Kong: the biggest culprit is ...

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Timeline of Hong Kong history

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Over the past years or so, English has grown to become the lingua franca (shared language) in a huge range of industries. The fields of media, engineering, medicine, shipping, air travel, international business and commerce all rely on English as the common language which can facilitate communication between countries anywhere in the world.

That’s why the clarification in English was so important in the police case. It’s quite telling that I have to refer to a taxi driver’s shining example as proof that Hong Kong’s. It is important as a business professional to be able to communicate effectively with overseas business partners.

Proficient and proper use of English is vitally important. English is now part of the regular workday for many employees in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce s Business Prospects Survey conducted in Decemberfor example, revealed that 76% of respondents were dissatisfied with the standard of English in Hong Kong.

The Importance of English Around the World

In the nearly two decades since Hong Kong’s handover to Chinese sovereignty, I’ve watched the SAR government systematically ignore and undermine the use of English. Oct 08,  · Most people in Hong Kong know this, and treat it as yet another post reality.

Even worse, some educators and young people regard it with a .

The important of english in hong
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