The merchant of venice tragedy or

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The Revenger's Tragedy

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Explain The Merchant Of Venice as a tragic comedy play.

The Revenger's Tragedy [Dramatis Personae in order of appearanceVINDICI, the revenger, sometimes disguised as Piato HIPPOLITO, his brother GRATIANA, his mother CASTIZA, his sister DUKE Two JUDGES DUCHESS LUSSURIOSO, the Duke's son by a previous marriage AMBITIOSO, the eldest of the Duchess's three sons by a previous marriage SPURIO, the Duke's bastard son.

Welcome to the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since May 30,  · The Merchant of Venice is a play that falls under the latter type, and it has been hotly contested whether this literary work should be classified a comedy or a tragedy.

THE LIFE. William Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance period, he was born in Aprilin Stratford, near London. His parents were John and Mary.

The father, a dealer in wool (commerciante di lane), was a solid middle-class citizen. Man Booker Prize-winner Howard Jacobson brings his singular brilliance to this modern re-imagining of one of Shakespeare’s most unforgettable characters: Shylock.

The Merchant of Venice is a 16th-century play written by William Shakespeare in which a merchant in Venice(Antonio) must default on a large loan provided by a Jewish moneylender, is believed to have been written between and Though classified as a comedy in the First Folio and sharing certain aspects with Shakespeare's other romantic comedies, the play is most remembered.

The merchant of venice tragedy or
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