The nfl has to find better ways to prevent traumatic concussions

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The NFL’s Concussion Problem Still Has Not Gone Away

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CTE has been most commonly found in professional athletes, especially those who participate in American. Just before the Sony Pictures film Concussion hit theaters, stirring up renewed focus on the National Football League’s head-injury crisis, the NFL announced it has given additional funding to.

Researchers are trying to find the best helmet to prevent concussions, just as doctors are studying the best way to treat them.

What's really changed in the NFL's 'call to action' on concussions

Steve Cukrov/ The study published July 25 that showed CTE in of deceased, former NFL players reflected a startling 99 percent prevalence rate. Some four thousand retired football players have filed lawsuits against the NFL arguing that the league failed to properly address concussions and traumatic brain injury, and that it knew enough.

Concussions: This is Your Brain on Hockey

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Manley, for example, is leading a military-backed project to find better ways to measure cognitive improvement. The National Institutes of Health invests another $90 million per year on basic and.

The nfl has to find better ways to prevent traumatic concussions
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