The parens patriae law essay

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Juvenile Delinquency Essays (Examples)

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The doctrine of parens patriae holds that the state may act as ‘‘sur- rogate parent’’ when necessary to protect the life and health of those who cannot take care of themselves, including children. 13, 14 Accord. Parens patriae is a Latin term meaning "parent of his country".

It is often used to refer to the state as the guardian of children or incompetent persons. In family law, parens patriae is a legal doctrine whereby the state takes jurisdiction over a minor living within its border. I. (25 minutes) InHannah Bailey purchased a 4 acre tract of land in Karl City.

Soon after purchasing the property, she cleared out some brush and other natural debris and noticed an ankle-deep creek or stream that ran through her land. The Parens Patriae Doctrine was initially established within English common law.

The concept was first introduced by the kings' bench in It was intended for parents that were seen as without moral mind or non compos mentis adults (not in control of their mind or "insane", today referred to as "not legally competent") and not capable of caring for their children.

Armory Oaks Drive • Nashville, TN • Phone • Fax ©– Nashville School of Law. This paper briefly examines two functions of the juvenile court, contrasting theory and practice.

Parental Responsibility Laws in States

It will be shown that in handling juvenile delinquency cases the parens patriae concept has been virtually discarded. The second area examined, that involving abused children, has to some extent functioned within the original theoretical framework.

The parens patriae law essay
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Parental Responsibility Laws in States