The power of six sigma reaction

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We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Understand from the outset what The Power of Six Sigma is not. It is not really a story about two buddies who lunch together while they pursue management success - that’s just the framework.

It is not a book on how to implement Six Sigma - although it would prove a useful adjunct to any such. Mike joined the CPower team in as SVP of Financing and Operational Analytics, where he is focused on optimizing the Company’s capital structure and driving operational excellence through cross-functional collaboration.

The Power of Six Sigma. Reaction Paper. “Power of Six Sigma”. This book shows the usefulness of the six sigma philosophy in every organization, it also shows that by using the six sigma philosophy, a company may easily achieve their goals and be the one on top in the business industries.

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Kata! Lean Six Sigma!

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The power of six sigma reaction
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