The second mile scandal

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Does Defunct Second Mile Charity Need a Second Look by State Investigators?

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The Second Mile, charity founded by Jerry Sandusky, will dissolve

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New Claims Of Racist Texts Among SFPD Officers Mocking Previous Scandal

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Penn State Scandal: The Second Mile Tries to Distance Itself From Founder

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The Second Mile

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The scandal gripping bucolic Penn State University managed to combine two discordant elements that most thought would never be linked in the same sentence, much less in a courtroom.

Jerry Sandusky

The resolve of her year-old mother carried Rochelle Goldschmiedt over the finish line in New York. Jun 08,  · It wasn't a matter of luck directors and officers of The Second Mile charity managed to escape the Sandusky scandal unscathed. The evidence shows that protecting the charity was a matter of self-interest for prosecutors, the police, and politicians.

What happened inside The Second Mile has largely been unknown in the eight months since Sandusky's arrest and the monumental scandal that enveloped Penn State University ensued.

Tidbits have come. A blog about Searching for the Truth about the SANDUSKY Scandal: Power, Lies, and Deception. Due Process for Penn State and JVP.

The second mile scandal
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Ex-Second Mile board members level blame in Jerry Sandusky scandal