The significance of the hajj on the community and individual essay

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The Significance of the Hajj on the Community and Individual Essay Sample

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The significance of the Hajj in Islam can be considered best by exploring the symbolism of its rituals, the administration of those rituals, and their political and personal implications for both the Muslim individual and wider community.

Analyse the significance of the Hajj on the community and individual Hajj takes place during Dhul-Hajjah, the twelfth month of the Muslim calendar. Preparation before this time is highly important and involves redressing wrongs, paying all debts, money for family and journey, as well as adopting good behaviour.

The Significance of the Hajj on the Community and Individual Essay Sample. Hajj is a once-in-a-life time obligation upon Islamic adherents whose health and means permit it.

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It is an essential part of Muslim faith and practice as it is the fifth pillar of faith, symbolises central concepts of Islam and commemorates the trials of the Prophet Ibrahim.

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