Why europe conquered the americas and

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How did Europeans really conquer the Americas? [closed] Europe was a really, really rough neighborhood (and has been for most of its history), and they'd refined the tools and tactics of war and cultural domination over centuries of bitter competition between the hundreds of factions that fill up European History books.

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Jun 05,  · During the 's,many European states were at war with each other and you had all these armies that had to be paid one way or another. A few nations such as France,Spain,England and Holland figured they could drum up more revenue to their Status: Resolved.

The Turning Point: European Conquests of the Americas (1492-1800)

Comments on "Why Europeans Conquered The World" JARED DIAMOND, a researcher at UCLA, has been doing fieldwork in New Guinea for over 25 years.

New Guinea is home to some of the last hunter-gatherers in the world. If Europe was a poor under developed backwater until it conquered the Americas, why is it that Europe conquered the Americas and not vice versa?

They already had the gold, why didn't they trade with it and build huge fleets before the Europeans got there? There is a strong possibility that Europe would have weakened and withered if the European powers had not conquered the Americas.

American conquest brought a lot of assets (think gold and silver) to Europe.

Why did Europeans conquer America?

War of the Worlds: Why & How Europe Conquered the Americas 1. WAR of the WORLDS Why & How Europe Conquered The Americas by Craig Collins, Ph.D.

Why europe conquered the americas and
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The Turning Point: European Conquests of the Americas ()